Mythic+ dungeons

Mythic+ dungeons

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  • Character level 110 
  • Item lvl does not matter(after 10+ it is 900+)
  • Account transfer is required, in case You do not want to use SELFPLAY option. We only need login and password, we do not need any other information about account. 


Contractual, for further information contact our's specialists. 


This service contains of completing 1 mythic+ dungeon with Your key used. In case You want to purchase completing of multiple keys, You can contact our operators for further information.

Purchasing this service You will get weekly chest in your classhold and amount of artefact power depending on level of key You completed. Moreover You will get all items during the service for Your class and specialization.


Additional options:

  •  SELFPLAY-It is what it is. You will take part in a dungeon during the service.