Allied races 20-110

41.77 $

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  • Character level 110 on the server
  • Purchased add-on Battle for Azeroth
  • Exalted with the faction necessary for the allied race of interest to you. We can help you with that
  • Achievement for the passage of the chain of quests to open the race (if you didn't do that, we can  help you with taht task)
  • An artifact will be obtained for the specialization you need (specify the consultant)
  • You only provide username and password, we do not need any other information about your account.
  • We do use additional security measures for your account, in particular vpn your country


Within 10-12 days.


Buying this service, you guarantee yourself the boosting of your character of the Allied race to the maximum level in the shortest  and convenient  time.

For the elevation of the character of the Allied race, you will receive:

  • Hidden Achievement
  • The hereditary set of armor can be obtained by leveling the character of the allied race from 20 to 110 levels without using a paid instantaneous pumping, getting the levels from the service "Invite a friend" or change the race. This outfit is cosmetic, so it can be used for transmogrification of any type of armor. These characters can be used by all characters of this union race on the account. Also in the game files for each race is available on the coat of arms, but it is still unknown how they can be obtained.
  • The allied character receives the Allied race vehicle immediately after opening access to it.
  •  When pumping a character, you use additional security measures for your account, in particular your country's VPN.


If you have a character above level 20 (20-110), we are ready to help you to prove it with a reduction in the cost of the initial price. For details, contact the specialist.