On our website, the following ways of reducing the price:

  • Bonus coupons
  • Certificates
  • Special promotions
  • Individual prices for large orders

Coupons and certificates

There are coupons and codes that allow you to increase the size of your funded discounts in numerical and percentage terms.

They enter the general system of cumulative discounts and directly influence the formation of the final price.

Properties and usage rules:

  • The coupon is entered in the appropriate field when placing an order.
  • The system considers everything automatically, you only need to enter the coupon code and look at the changed price.
  • Coupons add a fixed digital value to your funded discount.
  • For one order, you can only use one coupon code.
  • One coupon can be entered only once, then the code from the system is deleted.
  • You can get coupons from streamers and our partners.

Special promotions

Our managers will please you with different seasonal discounts and promotions for various goods and services, sign our notifications and follow the news on the site so as not to miss the promotion. Also, if you are a non-standard order, you can contact our operators for help and we will form an individual offer for you.