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-25th level 

-10 calibration games played (if you did not play these games, we can help with that)
-Account transfer is required (you only provide username and password, we do not need any other information about your account)
-We use additional security measures for your account, in particular vpn of your country



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Product description:

Our experts in the shortest time will help improve your rank and earn "Victory Points".

For winning the competition games you get "Victory Points".

"Victory Points" is an in-game currency that is needed to buy gold weapons for heroes (changing the appearance of weapons). The weapon of the Golden Age is very beautiful and to possess such weapons is prestigious among the players of Overwatch. The difficulty in obtaining such weapons is that a small number of such points are given for the games, and the time of obtaining one weapon is long hours in the game.

Ordering the service you get not only winning points, but also experience for pumping the account. Do not forget that for each level you get, you get containers with different awards.

The number of victory points at the end of the season depends on your maximum rank:
Max. rank in season-Victory Points

Bronze 100
Silver 200
Gold 400
Platinum 800
Diamond 1200
Master 2000
Elite 3000
To save your, or improve statistics, you can order additional. service "game on a specific character."


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