Duo ranked matches

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  • 25th level
  • 10 calibration games played(if you did not play these games, we can help you with that)
  • Account transfer is required (you only provide username and password, we do not need any other information about your account)



Individual accommodation

For more accurate information, contact a consultant

Product description:

Joint ranked games of the game Overwatch are competitive games with one of our professional players, which we will provide to you in accordance with your region and appropriative time. This way of playing significantly increases your chances of winning and allows you to raise your level of play by watching the actions of your partner.

The service is also a training one, after buying of which you can contact our consultant and clarify what you would like to do more: to win or to study or you are interested in both aspects equally.

Our masters of the game will help you:

Understand the basics of the game
Description of the deeper aspects of the game
Description of the tactics and training of the game on all the characters of the current add-on
Answers to any questions related to mechanics, maps and other games
Joint games with the Overwatch masterplayer
Secrets of the game's skill and perfection in the game
Ordering the service you get not only individual experience, rating and "victory points", but also experience for pumping the account. Do not forget that for each level you get, you get containers with different awards.

The number of victory points at the end of the season depends on your maximum rank:
Max. Rank in season Victory Points
Bronze 100
Silver 200
Gold 400
Platinum 800
Diamond 1200
Master 2000
Elite 3000


If you have any questions, please contact our consultant for any information that interests you.