Placement matches (10 games)

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Have a 25th level
Account transfer is required (you only provide username and password, we do not need any other information about your account)
We do use additional security measures for your account, in particular vpn of your country


6 to 12 hours

For more accurate information, contact a consultant

Product description:

Our experts are professional players who have taken the highest ranks in Overwatch. People for whom taking high ranks every season is not a difficult task.

All of them in the shortest possible time will help you to play 10  games to determine your initial MMR.

You will also get access to competitive games. 

We guarantee a minimum of 7 wins from 10 games (70% of wins).

Important clarification:

Sometimes the victory is influenced by factors that do not depend on the player. If we do not provide you with 70% of wins, then you will get pure victories of competitive games as a gift. The number of given wins will depend on the number of qualifying games you ordered.

If you have any questions, please contact our consultant for any information that interests you.