General questions
What is this site?

Masterloot.pro is engaged in pumping gaming accounts in various games (World of Warcraft, Dota2, CS: GO, Hearthstone).

How to pay?

Detailed instructions on payment

Before payment, be sure to read the terms of receipt of goods or services by reading the product description.

Do you want a service that is not in our catalog?

In games we can almost everything, contact the operator

I want to make a big order, can I count on a discount?

Of course, we can individually consider such proposals

How can I pay for the order?

At the moment we are working with the Payeer system, which accepts various payment methods (Visa, Mastercard, Qiwi, etc.)

Also you can pay through Webmoney, Paypal and Yandex money.

How to find the right product / service?

The right side of the search is working. Simply stuff in there the goods / achievements of interest to you and select the products you need from the list.

Also, you can always consult the operator.

Time for delivery of goods / services?

Order processing takes from 10 minutes to an hour. The operator contacts you on the specified contacts and gives details. After processing the order, we select the executor to work on the account.

I want to play myself. How to do it?

It's possible. Part of the services are provided both with the transfer of the account, and without transfer. Operators can always advise you on all issues.

Can I watch what happens during boost?

On some products there is an additional service like streaming or browsing through steam / battle.net. You can use it. Also, with the technical capabilities of the booster, you can view the stream. But you do it at your own peril and risk, since we provide an open stream.

Can I play after payment?

After paying for the selected product, a letter will be sent to your e-mail confirming that your order has been accepted and ready for execution. After that, without fail our operators will contact you to specify the time of the order fulfillment to you. You can play at any time, except for the agreed service. Also for further fulfillment of the order you will need to confirm the unlocking of the account.

Battle.net. How do I unlock an account for an order?
  1. 1. After you give us the data from your Battle.net account, our performer will try to log into your account. Immediately after that you will receive a letter to your e-mail (to which your Battle.net account is tied) with a notification that you need to change the password. The letter will indicate the active link, after which you will be on the official page of Battle.net, on which you can make a password change.

    2. After receiving the notification that the password was successfully changed to a new one, you should immediately close - exit the battle.net page and in no case check whether the new password is working or not! If you still decide to check the new password, you will have to repeat again and again the entire procedure for unlocking the account from the very beginning.

    3. Then the new password must be transferred to us, we, in turn, give it to the performer. We want to draw your attention to the fact that very often to unlock an account you need to change the password two or even three times.

    As soon as our performer can log into your Battle.net account, we will contact you to clarify further actions.

Steam. Will my items be lost?

Our employee gets access to the account through the function "Family Browsing." In this mode, we will not be able to use the trader, sell items and be used

I do not want people to see what's on my account.

You can contact the operator and he will give you status in the incentive Oflline or DND in Battle.net

Steam. How to prepare Your account?

Steam. How to prepare Your account?

In case You have authenticator-remove it.

To remove it go for Settings – Account – Manage Steam Guard account security – Remove Authenticator.

Also You have to turn Family View option on.

Go for Settings –> Family –> Manage Family View.

Then Library content –> Only games I choose and also Friends, chat and groups.

Now choose Dota 2 or Counter-strike , depending on what service You would like to buy , click next , get a code by email and use it(do not tell anyone).