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  • The account of the level suitable for conducting gaming games
  • Account transfer required (family check-in option, or account transfer, login and password only)


Contractual (depending on the level of MMR you choose)

It is possible to speed up the process of obtaining

If you still have questions about the time, contact our consultant for details.


Players of the highest personal level of the game 6000+ will help you to take you the rank you are interested in, the maximum rank. You will get the rank you need in the shortest possible time. Players cooperating with us, are acting semi-professional, or professional cyber sportsmen, who have years of training and skill refining behind them.


2 times faster - You can accelerate the receipt process, your order becomes a priority for our store
Broadcast on the Stream - The ability to see how you are ranked.
Win after raising the rank - an option to strengthen your rank, for details, consult a consultant

If you have any questions, please contact our consultant for any information that interests you.
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