General Provisions

LLC "NekstGen", considers it his duty to protect the confidentiality of personal data of customers who visit the site and use its services. Amendments to this privacy policy, if any, will be posted on the website and will be effective immediately after publication. Your continued use of our service after making any amendments to the privacy policy means acceptance of these changes.

Collection and storage of data

Among the types of personal data collected by the site, both independently and through third parties: cookies, usage data, email, name, surname, phone number and geographical location.

Other collected personal data may be described elsewhere in this privacy policy or in a specific textual explanation in the context of data collection.
Personal data may be freely provided by the User or collected automatically by using the site
Any use of Cookies - or other tracking tools - by this site or the owners of third-party services used by this site, unless otherwise specified, serves to identify Users and remember their preferences for the sole purpose of providing the service required by The user.
Failure to provide certain Personal Data may make it impossible to use this service.
The user is responsible for any personal data of third parties received, published or transmitted through the site, and confirms that he has his consent to provide them to the Owner.
The site collects, stores and uses information about the user solely for the execution of user orders, as well as informing users about price changes, terms of service, promotions and introductory materials.
Informing users is only possible with the consent of users to receive information.
The exception is information about the stages of the order, including payment, order number, information about the goods or services that make up the order.

Use of Personal Information

Data relating to a user or data object is collected for the following purposes: analytics, management of e-mail addresses and sending messages, commenting on content, processing payments, e-commerce, viewing content from external platforms, contacting e-mail and registering and authenticating. Types of personal data used for each purpose are given in specific sections of this document. Use of Data for additional purposes The Owner may, in some cases and for legal purposes, require the specific consent of the User or Data Subject.

Legal protection

Personal data of the User can be used for legal purposes in court or at the stages leading to possible judicial actions arising as a result of his improper use or use of related services by the User.

System logs

For operational and maintenance purposes, the site and any third-party services that it uses can collect system logs, that is, files that record interaction, including navigation. They can also contain personal data, such as IP addresses.

Information not contained here

For more information on the processing of Personal Information, please contact the Owner by e-mail [email protected]

Protection of personal information

The following methods of personal data protection are used at
SSL encryption protocol, with which we protect all personal data.
Receipt of data on credit cards and other methods of payment occurs through the payment buffer PAYEER and other payment instruments, and not directly through the site
All security measures are taken on the current hosting. The server is regularly tested for malware to protect personal data.
All email addresses, skype phones and telephones are reliably protected by our database, which is accessible only by the administration of NexstGen.

Providing information to third parties

The site does not transfer user data and any other information provided by the user to third parties under no circumstances. We reserve the right to place links to third-party resources on the site. The use of their personal data on third-party sites already falls under the privacy policy of these same sites.

Tracking the behavior on the site by third parties

On our site, it is possible to track the behavior of third parties, such as Google, Yandex and other companies that track people's behavior. Information can be collected by third parties for more relevant search results and promotional offers.

Deleting personal data

Users and clients can always delete their data from the system using:
By e-mail: write to the mail [email protected]
Through the operator on the site - in the lower right corner of the screen.

Contact Us

You can always contact us by:
Email: [email protected]