Terms of Use

This agreement (hereinafter referred to as the agreement) regulates the relations between the client and the agent (collectively referred to as the "parties", and individually also "the party") in the part of the intermediary services rendered by the agent. By executing the order in accordance with the agreement, the client confirms its consent and acceptance of the terms of the agreement.

1. Basic concepts:

1.1. Agent-store Masterloot.pro, which provides customers with intermediary services in accordance with the agreement;
1.2. Customer - an individual who is interested and / or applied to an agent for receiving intermediary services;
1.3. Intermediary services - agent actions performed by the agent on their own behalf, but at the expense of the client, aimed at organizing the interaction of the client with the players in the implementation of certain actions within the framework of the corresponding game;
1.4. Game - interactive computer on-line game, which is a computer program;
1.5. Player - the person who participates in the game;
1.6. Game object - game account, game resource, game item;
1.7. Game Account - an account containing information about the player, his game character and his progress in the game;
1.8. Game resource - game money (gold, coins, rubles, mana, etc.), recognized by the rules of the corresponding game by the game means of payment or other game conditional unit, which is a measure of one or another game value, progress in the game, etc .;
1.9. Game item - game weapons, armor, clothing, artifacts, other things, as well as other individually defined items used in the game;
1.10. Bleed character - the actions carried out according to the rules of the game through appropriate participation in the game, aimed at:
A) increase of certain game characteristics of the character: experience, skills, level, skills, etc. qualitative and / or quantitative characteristics of the character of the game - and / or
B) the passage of a particular game stage;
1.11. The agent's site is the agent's website, located under the domain name Masterloot.pro
2. Order of ordering and receiving services:

2.1. The client is obliged to carefully read the agreement and other rules and instructions concerning the agent's rendering of intermediary services (posted on the agent's website).
2.2. To place an order, the customer selects the required service through the form on the agent's website and fills in all the fields marked as mandatory. In addition, these fields will contain material terms and conditions of the transaction entered into by the agent with third parties (players) to execute the agreement. The agent has the right to depart from these conditions only on condition that it does not infringe the interests of the client and will not entail additional expenses for him.
In relation to conditions not specified by the client, the agent has the right to act at his own discretion.
2.3. The client, sending the completed form to the agent, gives his full and unconditional consent to the compliance with the agreement and other terms of the agent's rendering of the services stated on the agent's website, as well as the terms of the transactions chosen by the client when completing the form (character, volume of services, their cost, etc.). , On which the agent will enter into transactions with third parties pursuant to the agreement.
2.4. After sending the order form, the customer makes payment at the specified rate. The specified amount of payment is sent by the agent to pay for the player's actions in the transaction concluded with the agent in the client's interest, and also includes agent's remuneration under the agreement.
2.5. Payment is made by any of the ways indicated on the agent's website. The parties can choose a different method of payment by mutual consent.
2.6. The agent undertakes to perform the necessary actions to execute the agreement within a reasonable time. Typically, the agent specifies the usual execution time for the relevant order on the agent's website.
2.7. The client may instruct the agent to conclude a deal with the player to perform actions leading to the transfer of the game object to the client, the pumping of the character or for other purposes, as well as other actions indicated on the agent's website.
2.8. In the case of ordering intermediary services aimed at pumping the client's character, the client undertakes to provide the agent with the necessary information (game account data - to enter the game and perform the game process by the corresponding character). The Client understands and agrees that the specified information will be transferred by the agent to a third party that the agent will find to perform the pumping of the character. The Customer agrees not to use his game account without the prior consent of the agent and / or contrary to the instructions that the agent will receive from the relevant third party.
2.9. If the agent did not execute the order of the client on the terms indicated on the agent's website, the client may demand the return of the listed funds or the agent can return them at his own discretion.

3. Communications:
3.1. Visiting Masterloot.pro, this means that you communicate with us in electronic form. You agree to receive emails from us. Communication is possible in many ways: chat, e-mail, whatsup, viber, skype .. You agree that any information provided to us in Masterloot.pro is true and reliable without any intentional changes or omissions. Thus, this means that any information can not be fabricated when it is provided to us.
4. Copyright

4.1. You can not use anything from Masterloot.pro, for example text, logos, backgrounds, graphics, button icons, images, downloads, audio or video, data compilations and clips. Boosting.pro is protected by copyright laws. All rights reserved. You can not use anything from Boosting.pro without the proper written consent of Masterloot.pro. Any content submitted to Masterloot.pro (accessed through www.Masterloot.pro or any other subdomains) may contain certain licensed materials, and all original material licensors can protect their rights in the event of any violation of this agreement.

5. Masterloot.pro has the right to refuse the order:

5.1. The buyer (of services or merchandising) is solely responsible for the registration and storage of all necessary and private information in the event that the theft of the account has ever been.
5.2. Due to frequent and growing fraudulent activities in this area, Masterloot.pro currently does not allow credit card accounts and / or payment accounts with unconfirmed addresses and / or unconfirmed phone numbers. Please make sure that when you enter your personal information, you double check all information and confirm its relevance and accuracy before sending. All unconfirmed / unverified purchases will be canceled after discovery, which delays the effectiveness of the purchase / transaction. Contact us using the Live Chat feature on the website, WhatsUp, Viber or the email address listed on the website.

6. Controversial issues:

6.1. First of all, please first contact Masterloot.pro by e-mail [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns about the disputes. 6.2. Before filing a lawsuit, make sure that you have read and understood our conditions. All disputes can and will be resolved by filing a complaint with [email protected], if a dispute is filed, the fee will include the cost, or paid for the goods, as well as additional charges such as damages, attorney's fees and additional fees, Such as lost sales, interest payments and potential sales.

7. Site Policy:

7.1. Masterloot.pro reserves the right to change any terms and policies of the site with or without prior notice to customers and participants. The sole responsibility of customers and members is to pay close attention to any changes and / or adjustments to the provisions listed here under the conditions. By purchasing any product or service, you automatically agree to the terms listed here under the terms.

8. Name of interactive items and accounts:

8.1. Masterloot.pro does not pretend to be a title for any virtual items purchased through Masterloot.pro. Payments through Masterloot.pro are for our services, not for virtual items. All virtual items associated with the game Masterloot.pro, owned by their original licensors (for example, Blizzard Entertainment), Masterloot.pro are in no way associated with the specified company.

9. Special conditions:
9.1. The Client understands and confirms that the agent acts on behalf of the client that the agent performs only intermediary functions for the client and can not be held liable for possible actual and / or legal consequences of the player's and other third parties' execution of the customer's order (for example, in some games there may be provided Game sanctions for certain actions, including blocking the account for transferring it to third parties, the Agent does not examine and / or review the rules of the game and does not verify the actions of the client, Th number of associated with the agreement, the compliance with the rules of the game). The agent is responsible only for the proper execution by third parties of the actions ordered by the client, but not for their effect, result.
9.2. On the part of the agent, the placement of documents on the agent's website will also be considered a proper signing (analogous to the handwritten signature). Only the agent and the persons authorized by him have the right to access information posted on the agent's website. The documents posted on the site as a result of the criminal acts of third parties will not have legal force for the parties.
9.3. Messages sent from the contact e-mail addresses of the parties shall be documents drawn up in simple written form and properly signed by the relevant party (sender) as an analogue of the handwritten signature. The parties agree that such documents (messages) will have legal effect without any additional confirmations or formalities (including without their own signing), unless otherwise expressly indicated on the agent's website or agreed by the parties.
In case of questions or claims regarding customer service, please contact us by e-mail [email protected]
We are, if possible, together with you and (or) any user selling products on our website, we will work to resolve any disputes arising in connection with your purchase.
All services for buying - pumping are provided at your own risk. The purchase itself is prohibited by the rules of some games and the administration of games has the right to impose sanctions or even to block your account. Buying this service, you thereby agree with these rules and should be aware of this.